All Cape Security Patrol Service is a vehicle-based roving security service that shuttles between different properties and makes rounds at each individual property. This is repeated however many times the client wishes per day/night. The roving patrol will assign your property to a local security patrol consisting of other properties in the area. The roving security patrol offers a high security presence at substantially less cost than a full time on-site security guard.

Cape Cod Security Patrol

Patrol: to pass along a road, beat, etc., or around or through a specified area in order to maintain order and security.

Mobile security patrol is a private patrol, or security inspection and surveillance service that can randomly monitor your home, business, commercial property, construction site, residence, or neighborhood once, or several times during the day, or night 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Patrols can be scheduled to be conducted at any frequency and for any time period you need. This can be once or twice a week, every other day, every day, every night, on the weekends, only for week or two, even on demand whenever you need them.

Mobile Security Patrol

Mobile Security Patrol

Private Security Patrol Services

All Cape Security Patrol’s private Cape Cod security patrol service offers the following:

Dedicated vehicle based security patrol units are also available for properties and circumstances that require a full time vehicle based security patrol presence and surveillance requirements.

Security Patrol Overview

All Cape Security Patrol’s private patrol agents will monitor the exterior of your property and any goods, equipment, vehicles, etc… located on the property for parking violations, safety, security, maintenance and animal/storm damage issues.
Our patrol agents will observe and report on any suspicious persons, vehicles, activity or incidents in the area and conduct traditional crime prevention techniques in accordance with state and local laws. In the case of an incident, the agent will notify both local law enforcement and the business owner/resident.

In addition to checking for and reporting on safety and security issues, our patrol units will also look out for and report on any maintenance issues that are discovered during patrols on the property. This makes our security patrol services an important part of your property management strategy.

Our real time reporting software can be setup to notify your designated maintenance team directly when any maintenance issues are discovered. Instant and direct reporting of maintenance issues streamlines the response to these issues and will reduce some of your property management team’s workload.

Our security patrols will work closely with local law enforcement agencies to better serve the community needs and to help prevent crimes from occurring in the first place.

With the budget reductions in many local police departments, and the need for increased security, many business organizations and neighborhood watches are hiring private security patrols. Because of these budget cuts, some local police departments are operating with limited resources and personnel which places them in more of a reactionary role (responding to calls) rather than a proactive role (patrolling the streets).

Homeowners and business owners are discovering that security patrols are necessary to protect their properties and by combining forces with their neighbors, security patrols become a very affordable security option.

Who can benefit from hiring All Cape Security Patrol’s Private Security Patrol service?

  • Businesses or commercial properties with goods, equipment and vehicles that are prone to theft or vandalism
  • Lodging property owners who want to ensure that the safety and security of their guests is a top priority
  • Residences and neighborhoods that wish to have a highly visible or undercover security presence to deter criminal activities in their area
  • Unoccupied properties and vacation homes that are shut down for the off season and require only periodic exterior security checks for break-ins, vandalism and storm damage.
  • Owners of other expensive private property such as boats, RVs, heavy equipment, solar arrays, etc.
  • Construction sites where building materials, equipment, tools and property are susceptible to theft or vandalism
  • Anyone that is concerned with recent criminal activity in their area, like arson, break-ins, thefts from vehicles, vandalism, property crimes, etc…

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Security Patrol Services


Private Mobile Security Patrols

For business, commercial or residential properties that require multiple patrols per day/night, foot patrols of private areas, or dedicated mobile patrols for the short or long term, please contact us.

Scheduled Security Patrol & Property Check Services

Set up regularly scheduled security patrol property checks for short term vacations, the entire off season, or for any period of time and patrol frequency. Please contact us for rates.

Vacation Watch Security Patrol Property Checks (Short term)
Vacation watch patrols are done periodically over a week or two, while the property is vacant for a short period of time.

Winter Watch Security Patrol Property Checks (Long term)
Winter watch patrols are typically done once or twice a week throughout the off-season.

For residential security patrol and property checks of multiple properties in the same immediate area, or higher frequency property patrol checks please contact us.

Regularly Scheduled & On Demand Residential Property Check Patrol Services

Security Patrol Property Check Service

Need more information on our Security Patrol services? See our Security Patrol Services FAQ

Private Security Patrol services Cape Cod, MA

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