Property Check Patrol Services

Exterior, property grounds and building checks for assessments of potential problems, reported issues, storm damage, trespassing and vagrancy deterrence, or for verification of completion/progress for services contracted with third-parties. For the Cape Cod property owner’s peace of mind. Includes full reporting, time stamped GPS position and digital images of the property for verification of patrol service.

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Read our home watch and property check patrol services overview

Read our Property Check FAQ to learn more about our Property Check services

Cape Cod Property Check

One of our private security patrol units will conduct an exterior inspection of your Cape Cod property and deliver a fully detailed property check report to you via email.

Reports include time stamped digital images of the exterior of the property and detailed images of any potential issues or problems that may be discovered.

Property Check Patrol

Property Check Patrol Services

The visiting patrol unit will check the entire property (doors, windows, outbuildings, yard, driveway access, etc…) and will also visually inspect the interiors of all buildings from the outside where reasonably possible.

Real Time Reporting

All Cape Security Patrol is a professional security patrol company and our reporting and records keeping is unmatched locally. All of our home watch and property check patrol services include real time reports including GPS tracking, checklists and detailed images of the property delivered immediately to your email right from the property. Optional text message notifications can alert you that we were on the property and that a report has been sent to your email.

Sample Property Check Report Page

View a full property check report (PDF)

Our security patrol units will check on any type of private property. In addition to vacant houses and cottages, we can also check on boats, RVs, heavy equipment, construction sites, commercial buildings and more. Just let us know what you need checked.

Security patrol checks/property inspections are full EXTERIOR ONLY security and property condition inspections. This includes the property access, the grounds and the exteriors of all buildings on the property.

**See our regularly scheduled interior/exterior home watch services for vacant properties that require regular interior inspections.

For regularly scheduled contract patrols, home watch and key holding services please call (774) 383-2030 or email us for a quote.

If a patrol agent discovers something that needs to be addressed immediately, the patrol unit will secure the property and contact you while they are at the site to discuss an appropriate plan of action.

Exterior Security & Damage Checks for any Private Property:

  • Residential homes and seasonal cottages
  • Business and commercial properties
  • Boats (dock, marina and mooring)
  • RVs, heavy equipment, construction areas, etc.

Reasons for ordering a property and house check:

  • No expensive monthly or yearly “home watch” contract
  • For storm readiness assessment before a major weather event
  • For assessment of storm damage after a major weather event
  • To check out any reported issues/problems at the property location
  • To check in on someone staying at the property, or any activity at the location
  • For independent verification of completion/progress of services contracted with third-party contractors before they are paid. (contractor work completion verification)
  • Up to date images and property condition report for a real estate purchase or sale
  • Anything else that requires an exterior check or up to date digital images of the property
  • You live too far away to make such a trip financially practical
  • For your peace of mind

You may customize the patrol orders for your Property Check report to have us inspect a particular area, conduct the patrol in a certain way, or capture certain images of the property. Just let us know what you need.

View a sample property check report (PDF)

On Demand Property Check Services

Get your Cape Cod property checked whenever you want to. No contract.

Response Times

  • Standard response and reporting time is within 24 hours of ordering.
  • Priority response and reporting is available anytime you need your property checked as soon as possible, day or night.

Want us to check on your Cape Cod property right now?

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You call
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One complete Exterior Only building and property grounds security, safety and maintenance inspection patrol with a detailed report of property conditions anywhere on Cape Cod.
For more info read our Property Check Service FAQ or view a sample report

Standard response: (within 24 hours) Starting at $35
Priority response: (ASAP) Starting at $55

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For regularly scheduled residential contract patrols, home watch and key holding services, or commercial property patrols please call (774) 383-2030 or email us for a quote.

** Forces beyond our control like severe weather, storms, road and traffic conditions may affect response times.

*** To add your property to a regular security patrol route for any length of time and/or frequency, please contact us or call (774) 383-2030 for contract rates.

**** Cape Cod security patrol services are available for scheduled contract based exterior property checks and home watch services are also available for scheduling regular interior inspections of vacant properties.

Need more information on our Property Check services? See our Property Check Services FAQ