Residential Welfare and Well-being Checks

Are you away from Cape Cod, but have elderly parents or relatives that need to be checked on after a storm or power outage to check on their well being?
Do you have a family member, relative or friend on Cape Cod that is unreachable?
Maybe you are away on vacation and need someone to check on your teenage children that stayed at home to make sure they are alright and are not having a house party.
Do you ever get nervous or scared? Especially at night when you are home alone and feel that you have no one to call?
You may just want someone to come to your house, check your property and make sure your property and the occupants are secure and that everything is as it should be.

What about calling the police?

If you or someone else is in immediate danger, or if you believe there is a crime occurring, you should call 911 immediately.

You may not feel that you can call the police just because you are feeling anxious or nervous about something.

There may be other reasons why you would prefer not to call the police for a well-being check. These may be privacy concerns, like not wanting police call log records associated with your property, or to avoid raising the anxiety level of the person(s) on the property. Police involvement in certain cases might open you up to liability, like in the case that you are away and your teenager is having a house party at your home.

Our Patrol Services are Private and Discreet

If there is not a clear reason for the police to respond to a well-being check request, like a health issue, or a person that has been unreachable for days, any repeat calls to the police about the same property may be considered nuisance calls. Multiple calls to police that are deemed nuisance or “not police matters” may incur fines, or the next time you call, the police may not respond right away. With All Cape Security Patrol, there is no such thing as a nuisance call.

The presence of a licensed security patrol agent is only a phone call away.

Call us at (774) 383-2030 for 24/7 dispatch services

How does it work?

Simply call us at (774) 383-2030 to order a priority response wellness check. As soon as your order is received, a patrol unit will be immediately dispatched to the residence.

All Cape Patrol’s security patrol units will report back to you via a phone call, MMS text message or email. Text and email reports can contain real time images from the property allowing you to see exactly what is going on there.

Read one client’s feedback after a residential well being check patrol

Clients enjoy the benefits of:

Rapid response of a licensed security patrol unit to your location.

Personal welfare check at the door.

Extensive foot patrol of the external perimeter of your residence.

Thorough check on all points of entry into your house and ensure that everything is secure.

Peace of mind that your home and loved ones are safe and secure.

On Demand Service No Hidden Costs!

Call Us Right Now: (774) 383-2030

For multiple wellness check patrols to be conducted at any frequency, over any period of time, please call (774) 383-2030 or email us for contract rates.

Wellness and security checks are perfect for:

  • Senior Citizens
  • Single Parents
  • Babysitters
  • Students
  • Traveling Parents



All Cape Security Patrol’s security patrol wellness check service is not a police, fire, or emergency medical service. The services provided by All Cape Security Patrol are not designed to be a replacement for police, fire, or emergency medical services. If there is an emergency or a crime in progress call 911 immediately to notify the proper emergency services.

In what Cape Cod towns is the priority wellness check patrol service available?

All Cape Security Patrol is based in South Dennis. which gives us quick access to anywhere on Cape Cod. We will respond as quickly as possible. Please call (774) 383-2030.

If I see someone committing a crime, should I call the police?

Absolutely. Calling the police should be your first priority if you are in danger, or a crime is occurring and there is a chance that the offenders are still in the area.

What about in cases of domestic violence or medical emergency?

Priority wellness checks are not designed to be a replacement for the police, or emergency medical services. Domestic violence is a crime which is definitely a police matter and the police should be called. If there is a crime being committed, or a medical emergency, you should call 911 right away. All Cape Security Patrol’s priority security patrol property and wellness check service is not a medical service.

When should I call for a Wellness Check?

Any time you are away from the Cape and want your relatives, friends, children or property checked on. Or for all other times that you are feeling nervous and you just want someone to come to your house and make sure you and your property are secure.

What happens when I order a Wellness Check?

Your order and subsequent call will be taken by ACSP’s on duty patrol supervisor. Once your order is taken, the supervisor will notify the designated security patrol unit who will respond by proceeding to your premises as soon as possible. While we always respond to priority patrol checks as soon as possible, forces beyond our control may affect response times.

What happens when the patrol unit gets to my house?

Unless there are specific patrol orders issued by the person ordering the patrol check, the patrol agent will initially check on the welfare of persons on the property by identifying himself at the door and requesting visual proof of personal safety and welfare of those on the property (a Knock and Talk). Then if requested, the patrol will proceed to conduct a foot patrol of the external perimeter of your property before checking all points of entry to the house and ensuring that all doors and windows are secure.

**If you just want a low key undercover surveillance patrol, where we just observe and report on the current conditions at the property without attempting to contact anyone on the property, we can do that.

Will the patrol officer enter my house?

The main purpose of a standard wellness check patrol is to make contact with and check on the well being of persons located on the property and standard protocol is that the patrol officer does not make entry. There may be exceptions to this if the patrol orders issued by the client/owner of the property specifically request an interior inspection and the reason for such is agreed upon by the patrol supervisor in charge of the patrol shift.

What if no one answers the door when the patrol unit arrives?

One of the primary tasks of the patrol officer during a wellness patrol check is to visually check the current welfare of persons on the property. Failing to answer or open the door may result in the patrol officer escalating the wellness check to assume that the occupants may be in danger. If this is the case, the client will be contacted immediately and advised before escalating the situation to a police or emergency services matter.

Can a relative or friend use the service?

If you have an authorized person who is staying at your house, or have a representative that can authorize the patrol activity on the property, then they can use the service at their discretion.

How long will the patrol agent be on the property?

The responding patrol will attempt to contact and verify the well-being of anyone on the property. The patrol officer can also (if requested) thoroughly check the external perimeter of the property before conducting a check on all points of entry of buildings on the property to ensure all doors and windows are secure. The designated time for the patrol will be up to thirty minutes on site. Any time over this allocated on site period may incur additional hourly charges as described in the terms of service agreed to prior to ordering a priority patrol check.

Call Us Right Now: (774) 383-2030

For multiple wellness check patrols to be conducted at any frequency, over any period of time, please call (774) 383-2030 or email us for contract rates.