frontpoint-video-on-devicesFrontpoint home security features interactive monitoring. Monitor and control your home security system with any internet enabled device.

Set your system to send email, text or phone call alerts and notifications to anyone you choose. If your system is set up in a second home, you can have the system automatically notify your off-season caretaker or homewatch company.

  • Arm or disarm your system
  • Name your sensors
  • Monitor video cameras
  • Get high quality live video
  • Access motion activated video clips
  • Get notified when your kids get home
  • Get notified if the power goes out while you’re away
  • Create unique access codes for different people to track access to your home

Have full control over your home security system from anywhere.

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Smartphone App is Available for Android, Apple, Windows, and Blackberry Devices


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Frontpoint® Home Security System Equipment

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Monitoring services provided by FrontPoint Security Solutions, LLC. License number: AZ (ROC 237700), AR (E 2007 0059), CA (6539), DE (Burglar 07‐152, Fire FAL‐276), FL (EF 20000693), IL (124.001665), MD (107‐1417), MA (1185 C), MI (3601205495), NV (0069919), NJ (34BX00006100), OK (1564), RI (3307), SC (13375), TN (00001339), UT (6719133‐6501), VA (11‐5305). FrontPoint is fully licensed in all jurisdictions where required to be licensed.