Want to see who is coming and going from your property while you’re not there?

Physical Security & Surveillance

If you need your property watched physically by security personnel for any reason, consider using our security patrol service for random mobile patrols. If you need a dedicated patrol, or a standing security guard to watch over your property for surveillance purposes, please contact us.

In addition to physical security, there are many different high visibility and covert electronic property surveillance solutions available for residential and commercial security patrol, vacation watch and home watch clients.

Video and still cameras are available to monitor your home or business while you are away. Keep track of everyone that comes and goes from your property with permanent photo or video records. This information can be extremely valuable if there is an incident at your property.

Security Cameras & Surveillance Systems

Game & Trail Cameras

trail-cameraThese small units can be placed covertly in strategic locations on your property to record every visitor to your property, day or night. Commonly used by hunters, trail cameras or game cameras are very affordable and are great to use for remote property surveillance where internet access or electric power is not easily available. Trail cameras can be used to monitor entrances and driveways of unoccupied homes and will often work for months in low traffic areas on one set of batteries. This makes trail cameras a perfect alternative to complete security camera system setups for monitoring comings and goings at an unoccupied property.

While the basic units will not notify you in real time of any activity at the property, they can provide photo/video evidence of trespassers, vandals and other visitors after the fact, which may be helpful to an investigation should criminal activity be discovered at the property.

Digital Video Camera Recorders

Single or multiple camera systems can record video of events that occur on your property day or night. Video can be saved to DVR or computer hard drive. These surveillance camera systems can be set to motion activated recording and the DVRs can hold several weeks worth of video. An internet connection is not required for just recording activity.

Internet Accessible (IP cams, webcams)


Wireless Remote Control IP Camera w/ IR Night Vision

Great for small business owners or second homeowners who want to keep an eye on things from another location. See what your employees are really doing when you are not there. Watch your backyard, home, basement, or garage while on vacation. Single or multiple cameras are controlled remotely using simple, safe and password protected software. Pan, tilt and zoom functions are available on some models.

Internet connection is required (dsl or cable) for real time offsite viewing. Systems can be set up to alert you, or our mobile security patrol units of any activity at the site. Motion detection software will take a series of still photos and trigger an email (or text message to a cell phone) you can then log in via the internet and see what is going on at the site or have our security patrol service respond to assess the situation.

There are many good indoor IP cams available for less than $100. Outdoor weatherproof units are a bit more expensive.

Here’s a system that includes 4 IR night vision security cameras and a DVR that holds weeks worth of video. There are all kinds of different systems, but this one will give you an example of what’s available for a few hundred bucks.


4 Camera DVR System

  • Outdoor bullet cameras feature 700 TV lines of resolution
  • Integrated IR array lets the cameras see up to 65′ in complete darkness
  • Smart IR technology reduces over-exposure of the IR LEDs at the center of the image
  • 960H high-resolution live viewing and recording (33% more detail than standard D1 DVRs)
  • DVR offers multiple recording modes (continuous, motion detection, and schedule)
  • Recording features include event search, event log, and event notification via email
  • H.264 video compression to save hard drive storage space
  • 1TB hard drive for weeks of video storage
  • HDMI, VGA and BNC monitor outputs for convenient viewing
  • Free iOS/Android mobile app for viewing live and recorded video remotely

There are literally unlimited options and setups available for property surveillance, wired and wireless, with both remote notification/viewing and site based recording.

Coupled with our home watch or security patrol services, this can make your property a very unattractive target to criminals and vandals. In the event of an incident at your property you will have invaluable evidence to contribute to an investigation.

Camera Traps

If you are experiencing issues at your property, our security patrol units can temporarily install and monitor electronic surveillance equipment to find out what is going on and deter further incidents.

Security Patrol & Property Surveillance Services for Unoccupied Cape Cod Properties

If you already have a security camera system installed at your property and it has a motion alarm feature that can send notifications via email or text message of any unusual activity at your property, consider having our private security patrol service monitor these alerts for you and if necessary, respond to the property and assess the situation on your behalf.

Off season security patrol and home watch contracts for unoccupied residences can also include the temporary installation of IP cameras (if internet is available) to keep an electronic eye on your property during the off-season. Our private patrol service can quickly install a simple indoor or outdoor IP camera, monitor the system for any motion alarm notifications and physically respond to the property to assess these motion alarm alerts if necessary 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Property Surveillance services