Low Temperature & Freeze Alarm

freeze-sensor Ideal for homes in climates that experience cold weather, like Cape Cod for example. Monitor the temperature in your second home or vacation home while your away to prevent costly plumbing failures due to frozen and bursting pipes.

If the area reaches a temperature below 41 degrees, it sends a wireless signal to your control panel which immediately notifies you and the monitoring center. The sensor resets and sends an all clear signal when the temperature rises to above 50 degrees.

  • Great for monitoring second homes.
  • Monitor areas that could lead to expensive repairs due to cold weather. Like freezing and bursting pipes.
  • Perfect for basements and crawl spaces

Easy to setup and comes pre-programmed to work with your FrontPoint control panel.

Couple this with FrontPoint’s flood and water sensor and your vacation home will be safe from catastrophic damage due to frozen pipes and the subsequent flooding.


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